Relic EP

by Aureus

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released March 14, 2015

Recorded at Housefox Studios
Mixed by Lee McDonald at Palmgrove Studios
Mastered by Steve Smart at Studios 301

Will Tremain - Guitar/Vox
Callum Bevan - Drums
Jason Tremain - Bass Guitar

All songs written by Will Tremain

Artwork by Chris Rebustillo -

© 2014 Aureus



all rights reserved


Aureus Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: Bent
He left it for you
But didn't think it through
Not much has changed
But he's numb now too

It's not that
He's not willing to try
He just doesn't know what to do
Doesn't know

Heart set for more
But can't take it all
Mind is astray
But could fight a war

What do you want
Does it exist
You'll slave away
'Cause you can't resist
Track Name: Priority
I feel wrong without you
But don't know what I'm asking you for
I tried to hide behind the pieces of the last one
But it's something I can't ignore

Do you need me?
Do I need to ask you to stay?
Well I can't see what's right and I miss my time
I don't want to throw it away again

Hate to admit to myself
That I hate when you're not around
Something tells me that it all could work out fine
But I know I'd just throw it down

Find something better for you
To keep you away from me
Now I can finally see that you're
Exactly where you're meant to be
Track Name: Light in a Cave
You want to do what's right
When everybody thinks that right's a different thing
Stung by isolation
This feeling has a way of getting to your mind

And your weakness shines through your face
Like a light in a cave

Make yourself feel empty
With only your own thoughts to blame
Frayed the rope you swing on
Regret it all, forget that you are not the same

And your weakness shines through your face
Like a light in a cave
And it's all I can do not to say
This is why I came
Track Name: So Close
How many times must I say
That I don't want to need you any more
I don't know what will happen
And I wish you'd come and see me before you go

Hated all the things I was
Loved all of the things I could have been
Became too focussed on the grey
I missed all of the colours in front of me

I just couldn't see you there
You were so close I missed you
I just couldn't see you there

Come and say again
How much you wish I didn't need to be this way
You know I would have listened
If you hadn't dropped your head and turned away

Broken down to rearrange
Too easy not to do it on your own
Broke my back to push you forward
You show that you think you're made of stone

Thought you were the broken one
Turns out you were nothing like the rest
You stood there as you watched me fall
Couldn't bear to keep me in your nest

It's taken such a long time
And I couldn't tell you why 'cause I was gone
Never thought I'd wake up
To a different kind of you who had me on
Track Name: Up Again
Nothing's going on
Pull me in
Think I've got no time
There's too much time to think

Lie still
Take another breath and
Let me fall back down
And pick me up again

I'll never be alone
I've got myself
I just need my mind
I said it to myself

And I keep trying
To hold you down but I can't move
Let me fall